About SDG

The firm, Space Design Group, was initiated in July 1999 by Chander Mohan who has an extensive experience in architectural and interior projects. The firm’s objective is stated by an architecture that is more than just the design of a building, but rather a creation of a place for people, that consciously uplifts a person through an enhancement of the human condition, an architecture which interacts gracefully with the built and un-built.

Vision, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit are the essential criterion of our design philosophy. The firm aspires to integrate design excellence with economic feasibility. We cultivate an incisive understanding of how the physical environment promotes or thwart the goals and vision of the transformation- the organisation’s ability to continuously respond to and create change in a healthy way.

With a team of Architects, Interior Designers, consultants our designs are a result of a combination of experience and expertise. Teamwork and coordinated design approach as a work philosophy is well practised through experience, expertise, innovative ideas and technology by the members.  The move has provided many opportunities and enabled us to increase our office capacity and division with expertise dwelling in each respective field.

A determined and active participation of the architects and associates at every stage, helps the projects to  evolve as a well crafted construction with beauty of materials which present a rigid “signature style” of its own. Our projects are design driven and does not restrain due to construction budgets to attain the ultimate aim to create stimulated architecture.

With an eye towards the sustainability, we strive to carefully integrate the building fundamentals with its existing natural and cultural context in our holistic design approaches.


Creation of efficient and aesthetically pleasing environment through innovative practices in planning & construction to present fresh and efficient built form, while always making careful use of natural resources through a blend of science and art.